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“Khudermunkh” Co., Ltd was established in 1995 for handling tourism and foreign trade activities. Our company used to organize Mongolian tour group travel to Korea and besides introducing them Korea; we also help them for buying and importing cars, commodities to Mongolia as an Agent.

Since 1996, we have imported spare parts of automobiles and established the first Korean car spare parts store. This store still operates actively.

In 2001, we have been granted the special distribution right of “DRAGON” brand fuel and lubricants from the “S-Oil” Joint Venture Corporation of Saudi Arabia and Korea, to sell these products in Mongolia. Then, we started importing and selling all kinds of fuel and lubricants including heavy machineries of mining, road and construction.

In 2003, we established the “DRAGON” Service, trade of spare parts of automobiles and service station in Bayangol district and it still running its permanent activities. Our company has constantly supplying fuel and lubricants to big entities including Erdenet Mining, Erel, Mon-Road Shariin Gol, Metallurgy in Darkhan, Zig Zag and Shukhlai etc.

In 2007, our company built 6 floored Service Center Building, which has modern interior designed elevator and car parking.

We opened the “Khurd” Department Store, which covers all kinds of complex service such as spare parts of automobiles, decorations, equipments, seat covers, auto chemical products and fuel and lubricants on B1st, 1st, and 2nd stores of the Center.

We furnished the 3-5 floors of the building for office design and rent them to foreign, domestic companies.

In 2008, we imported SWF series of modern Embroidery equipments, “Sunstar” Company, Korea one of the best technologies of the world which designed for Embroidery Factories and we established the “Torgon Shaglaa” Embroidery Factory.

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